Blackshape Gabriel BK160


The Blackshape Gabriel two-seater is built entirely of carbon fiber and features tandem seating with a glass cockpit.


Experience the pinnacle of general aviation with the Blackshape Gabriél, a masterpiece of Italian design and engineering. Born from a commitment to excellence, the Gabriél stands as a testament to Blackshapes dedication to providing pilots with an unparalleled flying experience. Whether you’re a private pilot or running a flight school, the Gabriél offers a variant tailored to your needs.

The Blackshape Gabriel two-seater is built entirely of carbon fiber and features tandem seating with a glass cockpit, a 160hp Lycoming IO-320 engine with a Hartzell variable pitch propeller, retractable landing gear and a equipment according to advanced military standards.

The larger EASA CS-VLA certified brother of the Blackshape Prime-MLA has a mouth-watering flight performance: a maximum cruising speed of 164 kts/303 km/h (and a Vne of 172 kts); limits of +4.4/-2 g and a climb rate at MTOW of 1550 ft/min. Furthermore, the brand new Gabriel offers a maximum operating altitude of 15,000 ft and a maximum endurance of 3.2 hours, offering some of the world’s best performance in its class!

TTAF 240 Hours

1 x 160hp Lycoming IO-320 engine with 240 hours
TBO 2000 Hours
Runs on AvGas

1x 3 bladed Hartzell variable pitch propeller with 240 hours

First owner, always hangared

Additional information


Wing area 110,98 ft2
Wing span 29,52 ft
Height overall 8,07 ft
Length overall 24,41 ft


Max Take Off Weight 1,873.4 lb

Engine & Propeller

Horsepower 160 hp
Engine Lycoming IO-320-D1B
Propeller Hartzell Raptor Series Composites


Takeoff Over 50ft Obstacle 1640 ft
Max Rate of Climb (MTOW, SL) 1350 fpm
Max Operating Altitude 15000 ft
Max Level Speed (SL) 160 KTAS
Landing distance to 50ft 2231 ft
Load factor +4.4 / – 2g
Range @ Best Economy 400nm


Primary flight display : EFD1000 Pro, Aspen
Multi flight display : EFD1000, Aspen
Engine monitoring : EDM900, JP Instruments
NAV1/COM1 : GTN650, Garmin
NAV2/COM2 : GNC255, Garmin
Transponder : GTX335R, Garmin
Audio Panel : GMA340, Garmin
Stall Warning
ELT : E04 406 Mhz, ACK Technologies
KLR10 Lift Reserve Indicator (optional)

Airframe & System

2 x fuel tanks anti-blast
Differential brakes
Mechanical landing gear emergency release
Full carbon fiber structure
Dual control stick
Baggage allowed up to 72,75 lb