Airlinck starts in The Netherlands

Lelystad Airport (EHLE) recently added a new company to the General Aviation part of the Airport. Airlinck B.V. starts it’s NextGen Aviation Services to the world based from the new office on Airport Lelystad. So what is this NextGen all about…

Founder and managing director Fokko Keuning says that he wanted to combine his passion for Aviation with his experience in Aviation, Quality Management and Experience Management. This resulted in the new company Airlinck B.V.. which focusses on the brokerage services in selling, acquiring and delivering airplanes globally to it’s customers.  The dream Fokko Keuning has is to deliver the service in such a manner that he himself would want to be a customer at Airlinck B.V.. This dream is the foundation of the strategy of the company to put customer experience first. The NextGen part of the newly designed services has it’s origin in the simplified and unified way the services are delivered to it’s customers. Let’s go in more detail.

OldGen aircraft brokers complicate the way their services are delivered. Different commission percentages are used for different types of aircraft. For Airlinck this makes no sense. The work that needs to be done is the same, the effort you have to put in to sell aircraft or to find the right aircraft for your customers is the same. So Airlinck decided to use a fixed commission percentage for selling or acquiring an aircraft. This is NextGen, simplified en unified.

Additionally Airlinck delivers high quality work. This is where the Quality Management of the founder comes into play. Quality is based on delivering services in a predictable en repeatable manner. Always the same level of quality, no matter if Airlinck handles a single piston plane or a business jet. Quality is also visible in the efficient and effective flight planning, working closely with experts in their own field to provide the best possible services. All crews that perform the delivery flights are certified and well experienced pilots. Too often these day we see cheap services delivered by unexperienced crews just building flying hours. And also too often delivery flights have incorrect insurance which is a huge risk for the owner of the plane. If anything goes wrong the risks are not covered which can have huge financial impact. That is why Airlinck use the best partners in the industry to guaranty safety and quality. And no, this does not mean that the costs need to be high. Airlinck found a very efficient and effective way to deliver their services.

Then there is the customer experience. One way of looking at quality is to deliver your service in compliance with the expectations of the customer. The delivered services need to add value to the customer. In practise this means Airlinck takes time to get to know the customer, get to know it’s needs and demands and to understand why the customer needs the suggested solution. This way Airlinck can deliver services ‘First Time Right’ and by doing so cutting costs. This is why Airlinck not only uses a fixed commission, but it is also lower then the average commission used in the global brokerage world. A win-win situation for Airlinck and the customer. Also customers can track all the delivery flights via the website. On the Airlinck website there is a linck to see all delivery flights live by using flight tracking. This way the customer always knows where we are and if we are on schedule.

If you are interested in what our services can do for you or do you need a quotation, don’t hesitate to contact us by using the contact section of the website. We’re happy to help you in any way we can!

Fokko Keuning

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