Global Aviation Services

Aviation is a global business. Based at EHLE (The Netherlands) we offer our services worldwide. Our international network assures the delivery of our services to our customer.

24/7 Track & Trace of flights

Delivery flights are equipped with real-time track & trace functionality to facilitate the monitoring of the progress of the delivery flight by you. You receive a text message after each completed stage of the flight.

Fixed commission Acquisition

Based on a shared responsibility, aircraft acquisition by Airlinck is offered to you on a fixed commission of 5% or 10% depending on the type of aircraft with a minimum of just $ 999.00

Efficient flight planning

Our flight planning, taking in consideration the fuel costs, local services, weather 'en route' and additional costs. This provides us the most efficient route for your flight.

Certified Flight Crew

All our pilots are certified to fly your aircraft. Also all our pilots are true professionals. We do not hire pilots to build flying hours.

Fixed commission Sales

Based on a shared responsibility, aircraft sales by Airlinck is offered to you on a fixed commission of 5% or 10% depending on the type of aircraft with a minimum of just
$ 999.00


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why airlinck

Airlinck was established in 2024. The founder of Airlinck has decades of experience in Quality Assurance and Risk Management in the international corporate market. The founder also has experience and training in aviation by controlling the airspace for the Royal Dutch Airforce. In establishing Airlinck the founder combined this working experience with his long life passion for aviation.

What you think, is important!

Airlinck has a hybrid strategy based on customer intimacy and operational excellence. Our customer comes first. We think it is important to deliver our services in such a way that we would want to be a customer at Airlinck ourselves. With this in mind we approach our services to our customers. With a history in Quality Assurance and Aviation we make sure we do the right things and we do those things right. Based on this first time right principle we can offer our sales and acquisition services to our customers for a fixed commission. All quotations for delivery flights are clearly devided in fixed and variable costs to make sure we all understand who is responsible for which costs. There are no hidden costs in our services.


The story behind Airlinck

The dream of turning a passion into work and to work hard, but not feel like it's work. That is what I wanted. My name is Fokko Keuning, the founder and owner of Airlinck. Ever since my childhood I have a passion for aviation and everything related to aviation. As most boys I wanted to become a pilot, but instead I ended up to defending our airspace as an air operations controller working closely with the pilots. In fact, this taught me so much more about aviation. All this experience and knowledge I use in my daily work for Airlinck. For 25 years I worked as a projectmanager, quality manager and owned several other businesses. A few years before turning 50 I had that thought that you have one last chance to turn your life around and do the things you love and love the things you do. That is when Airlinck was born. It's my passion of aviation and quality that makes Airlinck the NextGen company in aviation services. We are ready to serve you the way you expect us to.

Airlinck is an independent aircraft broker which means we work with every brand and type of aircraft available in the market. Our goal is to achieve our customer goals.


  • The owner Fokko has the ability, from his Quality Assurance experience, to see challenges from all different perspectives. This means he can make the right decisions in the best interest of the customer. In short, very involved and skilled for the job!

    F. van den Broek MBA – Program manager
  • With his military background in the Royal Dutch Airforce, Fokko has learned to be cool, calm and collective in every situation. No matter how challenging. As a customer you feel secure and you know Airlinck is in total control of the assignment.

    M. van Houten – Director Human Resource
  • This company is based on the two passions of the owner, aviation and quality assurance. When you work with Airlinck you know they will do the job and do it in the best way possible for you!

    M. Johnson – Business owner

Team Airlinck

The Airlinck team is expanding. The global aviation market is growing, so to be able to deliver our quality services to our global customers we are hiring new team members. Check out the team and our vacancies. Feel free to contact the team if you have any questions related to our services or vacancies.

Our Team

F.J.A. (Fokko) Keuning

F.J.A. (Fokko) Keuning

Managing Director & Owner

I am a multiple business owner and aviation enthousiast with experience in the Royal Dutch Airforce air operations control and experience as international project & quality manager.

With my aviation experience and my focus on quality I am highly motivated to deliver the best possible services to my customers like I was a customer of my own business.

Contact me directly

Job vacancy

Job vacancy

Global Sales Manager

To expand our sales activities worldwide, Airlinck has a job vacancy for a Global Sales Manager who will be responsible for the global sales strategy, global sales activities and our sales representatives worldwide.

If you are interested, please send an email with your resume: Click here

Job Vacancy

Job Vacancy

Global Operations Manager

To expand our flight operation activities worldwide, Airlinck has a job vacancy for a Operations Manager who will be responsible for all worldwide flight operations.

If you are interested, please send an email with your resume: Click here


Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining our services or if you have questions related to our services. You can contact us by phone, mail and by the contact form.

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